Sustainable Air Conditioning Technology to be Commercialized in Cleantech Partnership Between Blue Frontier and Modern Niagara

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Blue Frontier, LLC ( and Modern Niagara Group ( have announced the establishment of a joint product development, manufacturing, and commercialization partnership. Blue Frontier is a South Florida based cleantech startup that has developed an air conditioning technology that is much more efficient than conventional systems. This new air conditioning technology is designed to address all the principal sustainability issues of conventional air conditioning technology: elimination of high global warming potential refrigerants, reductions of energy consumption by up to 90%, and shifting of the air conditioner’s electricity consumption so that it is consistent with periods of renewable energy generation. Blue Frontier’s technology is unique because it integrates energy storage and air conditioning in a single device without using conventional batteries. This makes the system’s electricity consumption flexible and controllable so that it only occurs when renewable energy is plentiful. At the same time, this flexibility does not affect the operation of the air conditioner itself, ensuring the comfort of building occupants.

Modern Niagara is Canada’s largest and fastest growing mechanical contractors and building solutions company. The Company is also a manufacturer of commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning systems. The company is recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and strives to make buildings sustainable and more comfortable by helping to design, build, maintain, and upgrade building systems – including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Under the direction of its CEO, Brad McAninch, Modern Niagara is moving towards becoming a leading player in providing building owners with efficiency, sustainability, and carbon emission reductions, while reducing costs and increasing reliability. As Mr. McAninch points out, “Our customers are looking for sustainable cooling and heating solutions that save both energy and money, that makes their building’s energy consumption flexible and consistent with renewable energy generation. Blue Frontier’s revolutionary design and approach to building HVAC is the best we have seen. The technology is credible, disruptive and provides an exciting improvement to the services we could provide our clients in the coming years. We see great value in it for building owners, investors, utilities and service providers. We are pleased to be working together to bring the first product, a packaged rooftop unit, to market.” Dr. Daniel Betts, CEO of Blue Frontier, further comments, “Our collaboration with Modern Niagara increases our speed to market. We found that the team at Modern Niagara fully shares our vision for sustainability while at the same time enhancing customer experiences and providing better services.”

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