Enhanced Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioner

Novel Low-Temperature, Heat-Driven process, Each 5-Ton Unit includes 50 KILOWATT-hours of Energy Storage

Flexible Source Energy: Building integrated solar PV, Grid Electricity, micro-CHP, Natural Gas

Novel microporous membrane heat and mass exchanger delivers isothermal dehumidification

Liquid desiccant, which is used for dehumidification, is isolated from the building supply air using a unique microporous membrane-based heat exchanger; first developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and designed for manufacturability by Blue Frontier and its heavyweight industry partnerships.

full-scale 5-ton prototype built for lab testing at oak ridge national labs, testing completed in March, 2017


Blue Frontier’s patented first stage membrane isothermal dehumidification heat and mass exchanger

Blue Frontier’s 50 Kilowatt-Hour Energy Storage module and 5-ton Packaged Rooftop Unit