2023 Climate Tech Companies to Watch: Blue Frontier and its energy-efficient AC

MIT Technology Review

Exciting News: Blue Frontier, Inc. Named One of MIT Technology Review’s Top 15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch in 2023!  This recognition serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to achieving our goal of decarbonizing air conditioning by creating massive efficiency improvements. At Blue Frontier, we have always believed in the power of technology and […]

New Air-Conditioning Technology Could Be the Future of Cool

Scientific_American Logo

The acclaimed science publication Scientific American interviewed Blue Frontier, Inc. CEO, Dr. Daniel Betts about how our ultra-efficient technology can help bring cooler air to more people with less environmental impact. The article focuses in how standard AC units cool buildings but contribute to global warming. New technology aims to change that. Dr. Betts stated: “We’re […]

The Race to Build a Better Air Conditioner

Wall Street Journal Logo

Article highlights the importance of air conditioning and the gap in investment that this sector receives in comparison to other clean technologies, creating an enormous opportunity.  The author also focuses on how heat waves are causing a surge in electricity demand and how companies like Blue Frontier want to alleviate this issue with ultra efficient […]