Blue Frontier CEO, Daniel Betts, and Board Member Christian Hernandez Gallardo from 2150.VC was interviewed by Jason Rissman in Episode 17 of Invested in Climate Podcast


About the episode:

In this week’s episode, we’re focusing on the opportunity to invest in buildings, cities, infrastructure, and air conditioning. Why? Well, for one thing, 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the built environment and, according to the Climate Group, those emissions are set to double by 2050 if they’re left unchecked. Why else? Well because it’s been crazy hot this summer and the record heat waves we’ve experienced are unfortunately just the beginning. 

And so I was thrilled to talk with Christian Hernandez Gallardo, Co-Founder and Partner of venture firm 2150 that’s investing in making cities more efficient, sustainable, and resilient. And also Daniel Betts, Founder of Blue Frontier, a startup that is set to disrupt the air conditioning market in a very good way. 

As investment in urban infrastructure begins to take off, a real transformation is possible and companies like Blue Frontier offer a glimpse of what the future can hold. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Let’s dive in.

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