Meet our CEO

 Dr. Daniel Betts

Over 20 years experience working with highly innovative technology companies. Dr. Betts served as President of EnerFuel, Inc. where he led the development of advanced high temperature fuel cells, energy storage and electric vehicle range extender systems.  Daniel founded Be Power Tech. where he served as the CEO and CTO.  Be Power Tech advanced the development of the world’s first electricity producing air conditioner in combination with a solid oxide fuel cell.

Dr. Betts has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA; both from the University of Florida.

Daniel is married with two children and enjoys coaching youth soccer.


CTO Dr. Matt Tilghman

Matt is our resident genius who brings prior experience developing advanced compressorless HVAC systems and liquid desiccants both at Advantix and Be Power Tech. We are proud that Matt completed his undergraduate studies at Princeton and went on to receive both a Masters and Doctors Degree from… you guessed it – Stanford University.  Matt is recently married, and is an outstanding nature photographer.


Gregory Tropsa

Greg brings more than 25 years of start-up experience having founded three successful distributed energy resource companies. Ice Energy, creator of the Ice-Bear; a thermal storage system for packaged air conditioning systems and the pioneer of behind-the-meter aggregated storage contracts with utilities. Peak Efficiency, awardee of the first and largest (72 MW) energy efficiency local capacity contract in California. Greg brings his experience in the nuances of utility legislative, regulatory, emerging growth, and non-wires alternative programs. His skills include commercializing, selling and delivering energy efficiency and peak demand reducing solutions to commercial buildings and more recently winning large grants, 4 in a row! Greg is an Eagle Boy Scout, married with three grown children; he enjoys skiing, hiking, road biking, scuba diving and the grand-kids!

VP Engineering

Matthew Graham

Matt brings more than 25 years of experience developing prototypes and products for the energy technology sector. Matt first worked with Daniel at EnerFuel where he served as the Director of Engineering. Matt is responsible for product engineering, design for manufacturing.

Among Matt’s many accomplishments:

– Built and competitively raced electric vehicles, Matt is a current world record holder listed in the National Electric Drag Racing Association for racing his “Joule Injected” Nissan 240SX 300 volt; just over 100 MPH in the quarter mile!

– Led the successful program at EnerFuel to develop a prototype propane/natural gas reformer-based HT-PEM fuel cell system for stationary power applications in the telecom and residential/small commercial micro-combined heat and power markets
– Served as lead engineer and designer of a novel liquid-cooled fuel cell module, with responsibility for developing and introducing cost, size and weight reduction strategies
– Managed two successful HT-PEM fuel cell range extended electric vehicle programs at EnerFuel
– Served as Controls Group Leader for University of Maryland Hybrid Electric Vehicle program