A Revolution in Air Conditioning

Designed for Sustainability: Superior Comfort. Ultra Efficient. Climate-Friendly. Energy Storage.

Replaces existing air conditioning units. Delivers extraordinary benefits.

Blue Frontier offers a replacement for the Packaged Rooftop Units that dominate the commercial building air conditioning market. Conventional air conditioners are based on century-old technology, unfit to solve today’s problems. They are a leading cause of blackouts, high electricity prices, and fossil fuel consumption. Our system is smarter, greener, stores energy, and slashes costs.

> 60%

Reduction in Yearly Electricity Use

> 80%

Reduction in Peak Electricity Demand

> 85%

Reduction in GHG Emissions

6 Hours

Runtime on Storage

A New Approach to Air Conditioning

At Blue Frontier, our mission is to transform buildings into sustainable, comfortable, and interactive spaces. Our first step towards achieving this goal is the commercialization of a revolutionary air conditioning technology. Blue Frontier’s AC system combines dew-point-style sensible cooling with liquid desiccant dehumidification to reduce electricity use by up to 90% (non-fan). The desiccant is recharged and stored when electricity is the cleanest or lowest cost, and later used to deliver cooling when electricity is dirty or costly. These features enable our system to solve an array of today’s largest sustainability problems — from the Duck Curve to peak load management, from humidity control to integration of intermittent renewable resources.

Liquid Desiccants and Our Cooling Process

Liquid Desiccants as Breakthrough Energy Storage

Blue Frontier’s Impact on Electricity Bills

Meet Our Team

Daniel Betts

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Tilghman

Chief Technology Officer

Greg Tropsa

EVP Business Development

Matt Graham

VP of Engineering

John Hingley

VP of Operations

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Q: How do you achieve such high efficiencies?

Our technology is fundamentally different and more efficient than conventional air conditioning. Both the cooling process and the regeneration process embody novel features to enable multipliers to our
energy input.

Q: Does your product work in all climates?

The answer is a resounding YES! Our technology works from the tropics (hot and humid) to deserts (hot and dry), and anywhere in between – our technology is not limited to arid locations.

Q: How does your technology impact climate change?

Blue Frontier’s system tackles the two main offenders of air conditioning: we reduce electricity consumption by over 60% and reduce refrigerant impact by 85%. In addition, our ability to store energy facilitates more renewable use.

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